Rychter's House

In the so-called Rychter's (Martinický's) house, Josef Sudek primarily captured the Neo-Classical portico from 1798 by Johann Ludwig Kranner, damaged during the May Uprising. Rychter's house came into being by connecting several older, originally medieval houses in the 18th century and is preserved in the Rococo adaptation from the late 18th century. The current state of the house is the result of changes carried out by Milan Pavlík in response to the needs of the government and the First Prague Bank in the 1980s–1990s.MP (PV, ZD) [Marie Platovská (Pavel Vlček, Zdeněk Dragoun)], 459/I, in:Pavel Vlček a kol., Umělecké památky Prahy. Staré Město, Josefov, Academia, Praha, 1996, pp. 318–319. Supposedly, the very first Prague telephone exchange was located in the house between 1882–1902.http://www.kralovskacesta.cz/cs/prohlidka/objekty/u-modreho-jelena-richtruv-dum-martinicky-dum.html (accessed 13 June 2017)

Kranner's portico from the late 18th century seen in the photograph was built in front of the older Baroque facade, it is supported by Ionian columns and is crowned with a balcony. Undoubtedly, Sudek was attracted to this small architectural ruin evoking antique excavations.