Inv. No. S2929

Author of the Workhuť Petra Parléře
TitleOstensorium St. Catherine of Alexandria
Dimensionsv. 45 cm
Date of Originabout 1400
PlacePrague, Prague Castle, St Vitus Cathedral
Materialsilver, gemstones, crystal
Notes on the WorkPeter Parler's lodge? Orgin: Since its creation part of the Treasury of St. Vitus (between 1420 and 1645 it was preserved in Karlštejn). According to the parchment inscription strips, the transversely placed crystal cylinder contains the remains of the saints Catherine, Isak, Nazarin, George, Agnes, Sixtus and Barbora.
PhotographerJosef Sudek
Print Dimensions10,3 x 15,9 cm
Keywords14th century, Bohemia, gothic, Peter Parler's lodge, St. Vitus cathedral, monstrance, Prague, original print, reliquaries, Middle Ages, goldsmithing, decorative arts, treasury of St. Vitus cathedral, saints