Inv. No. S12712N

Author of the WorkNobile, Pietro, Spranger, Wilhelm Paul
TitleBay Chapel of the Old Town Hall, the honor guard at the monument of the fallen defenders (built from the burnt beams of the Town Hall); damaged during the Prague Uprising on 5–9 May 1945
Date of Origin14th century, May 1945
PlacePrague, Old Town, no. 1/I, Old Town Square 3
Notes on the WorkPomník vystavěn z ohořelých trámů radnice.
PhotographerJosef Sudek
Negative Dimensions18 x 13 cm
KeywordsSecond World War, Prague, uprising, memorials, town hall, Bohemia, locations, gothic, architecture, 20th century, 14th century, Prague 1945, negative