Negative – Positive – New Print!

12. 6. 2018
Institute of Art History of the CAS, Husova 4, Prague 1
House of Photography, Prague City Gallery, Revoluční 5, Prague 1

In the photographers’ estates stored in archives and museum collections, a large number of negatives are often preserved in addition to original positives. How to exhibit or publish photographic images that have survived in negatives only? How to proceed with “new prints” – the contemporary prints from original negatives? The workshop will focus on the different aspects of this issue, both in the practical and in the theoretical fields.

Sudek Project
Sudek Project


10:00 / 14:00, Institute of Art History of the CAS, Husova 4, Prague 1
Workshop with photographer Vlado Bohdan. Demonstration of the production of new positives, the so-called new prints, from the original negatives of Josef Sudek in the dark room.

18:00, House of Photography GHMP, Revoluční 5, Prague 1
Moderated discussion of the art historians Hana Buddeus and Katarína Mašterová with the photographers Vlado Bohdan, Jan Douša and Jaroslav Beneš, as well as with the curator Jiří Pátek. 

Free entry.
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