National Museum on Wenceslas Square

The building of National Museum, standing near the actual target - the Czech Radio, happened to be in the epicenter of the Prague Uprising as well. Luckily, the museum collections had been moved to the countryside but the building itself suffered a loss. The monumental Neo-Renaissance building by Josef Schulz from 1885–1890 was damaged by the Luftwaffe air bomb on 7 May in the morning. The bomb hit the central wing of the right courtyard, the dome, a staircase, some of the exhibition halls and study rooms – especially the ones dedicated to geography, paleontology, mineralogy and numismatics, also the library on the first floor.Oldřich Mahler, Po stopách květnového povstání v Praze, in: Staletá Praha XIX, Praha bojující, 1989, p. 26.

Sudek's photograph captures the busy square, probably on the days immediately after the end of the uprising. On the left side of the image, the corner house is missing completely. The losses in the museum building were not so apparent on the exterior.